3 Day Food Journal

Hi friends, my food journal is a little late, this is actually from a few weeks ago, but this is a typical 3 days for me.

Day 1


One cup of Flax milk + Half a Stumptown (I have the other half + another cup of flax milk in the afternoon)

3 eggs + salt & pepper & a couple spoons full of Hemp & Flax Seed (I use Coconut Oil Spray too, I never cook with butter unless I’m having people over for dinner or a party)

3 pieces of Turkey bacon with side of Whole Foods Guacomole

Half a banana (I don’t love bananas, but they’re good for you, so I take half of it)

Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt: -Create an electrolyte balance, Increases hydration, Regulate water content both inside and outside of cells, Balance pH (alkaline/acidity) and help to reduce acid reflux, Prevent muscle cramping, Aid in proper metabolism functioning, Strengthen bones, Lower blood pressure, Help the intestines absorb nutrients, Prevent goiters, Improve circulation, Dissolve and eliminate sediment to remove toxins – See more at: Benefits of Pink Salt I don’t use regular salt, unless I’m out!

PS. Who read the recent article about Tom Brady’s diet?? He eats Pink Salt! Hubs is obsessed with Tom Brady so now he’s using my pink salt (-;

Benefits of Coconut Oil- They are endless!!! SO here’s the link if you want check them out Coconut Oil Benefits

Lunch: Sweet Potato Quinoa & Kale Ravioli

Snack- cartoon of Blueberries + Large Glass of water with “The Super Elixir”

Super Elixir Benefits: Here’s the link to purchase this product & read more about all the great things it does for your health Super Elixir

Dinner: Chilean Sea Bass with veggie stir-fry (very easy/quick & delicious meal) (forgot to take a pict !!!)

snack: 4 Dark Organic Peanut Butter Cups (I love Justin’s)JustinsPBCupsLG.jpg

snack: Sour Scream & onion quinoa chips

DAY 2:


One cup of Flax milk + Half a Stumptown (I have the other half + another cup of flax milk in the afternoon)

Handful of Michelle’s Granola- It’s really hard for me to eat in the morning, I know this is a bad habit but sometimes I just can’t stomach food early (besides when I was pregnant, breakfast was the biggest meal of the day, but normally, nighttime is when I eat the most).



2 Apple Chicken sausage links (I eat these almost every day, they’re so easy with Lucca, I like an easy lunch!!)


SuperGreens salad with craisins, nuts & cheese w/ olive oil & balsamic vinegar.


Bowl of Butternut Squash soup from Whole Foods (I’m obsessed with this soup)


Snack- One avocado w/ salt & pepper + olive oil (sometimes I eat two avocados a day, healthy fat + a good amount of calories, helps if I don’t have time to eat lunch)


Late AfternoonSnack- Green Juice (veggies & apple) I don’t have a juicer so I buy them from whole foods, and honestly, I’d rather do 50 other things around the house than spend time making my own juice.12540165_10103710587485005_546701168_n


Chicken with Brussel Sprouts, Carrots & Hot Italian Turkey Sausage Stuffing (Will put this recipe up soon, Hearty & delicious!)

Dessert: a few squares of Organic Dark Seal Salt Caramel Chocolate.

Day 3


cup of coffee with french vanilla creamer (I was at my moms house)

2 Hard-Boiled eggs w/ Salt & Pepper with one Avocado + a grapefruit


Bowl of Butternut Squash soup again, Ginger salad with tomatoes & carrots.

Bowl of green olives- (I’ve been craving olives lately)

Snack- Craisins & nut mix.

Dinner: I went out to dinner. I had a cup of clam chowder, raw clams (appetizers) & Stuffed Fried Shrimp with French fries for my main meal.

Snack: Got home & had 4 dark chocolate turtles & a few handfuls of doritoes (I was at my mom’s house <-:)

I’ve been struggling to exercise in the past 4 months, I don’t have a sitter anymore & have been sick the past week but I’m hoping to start doing some exercise tapes at home & walking 45 minutes a day with Lucca & the pups!! I want to tone up!!

I always struggled in college with having 5-10 extra pounds that I didn’t like. I’ve noticed since changing my eating habits, not “dieting” it’s really changed my health & body for the better. Even when I go off the deep end eating bad for a week or two, I get right back to eating well & it’s not a struggle anymore. For me, it really was a lifestyle change as far as my food intake goes, dieting does not work for me. I eat what I want when I go out to dinner & when I’m on vacation. Even on vacation, I try to only have one bad meal a day. When I’m home and go out to dinner, if I have pasta & bread for dinner, I don’t eat dessert. If I have a salad, I get dessert. It works for me (:

Like I said, I eat well almost 75% of the time. I don’t feel deprived & most of the time actually prefer healthy foods over junk (this doesn’t apply when I’m pregnant, all I wanted pregnant was carbs!) Staying away from processed foods and keeping bad food out of the house is key. Hope this helps someone who is trying to get on a good path of eating a balanced/healthy diet. What helps you eat well? Email me with any questions (: xo



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