Roasted Chicken w/ Veggies & Spicy Italian Turkey Sausage Stuffing

This recipe is super easy, fast, & hearty <3


1 Whole Chicken

Bag of Stuffing mix

1 Lemon

Salt & Pepper


Brussels Sprouts (any combination of veggies work)

Olive Oil


1 Pound of Italian Turkey Sausage (any sausage of your liking)


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Get your chicken out of the fridge, wash inside & outside of chicken (giblets removed). Rub chicken with olive oil, salt & pepper, & garlic. Squeeze lemon juice over the chicken. (Bake time depends on the weight of your chicken, I did about 90 minutes for a 3 pound chicken.)12695738_10103755766645605_497792622_n.jpg

2. Make the stuffing mix according to directions on the bag. I love this stuffing mix from Whole Foods. I also add hot Italian turkey sausage. Cook them on the stove in olive oil until no longer pink.



Cut up the sausage once it’s on longer pink, mix it in with the stuffing mix & stuff the chicken. Whatever is left, I cook on the stove in a pot. Sometimes the chicken cavity isn’t very large, and can’t fit much.


Third- Peel the skin on the carrots (if carrots are already peeled, skip this step), & cut off the ends of the brussels sprouts. Put these in a bowl & add olive oil + salt & pepper. 12666382_10103755766540815_297116960_n.jpg

Place chicken in the oven. (check cooking time, according to weight of chicken.) After 60 minutes of the chicken being in the oven, put the vegetables in with the chicken. I took my chicken out 30 minutes after putting the vegetables in. I like my veggies a little burnt, if you don’t, watch them closely. Cooking time varies so make sure your chicken is fully cooked before taking it out. Wrap chicken with aluminum foil & let sit for 15 minutes. If you have any questions, feel free to email me(: xo


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