Favorite Baby Stores

Hi guys, so many have asked my favorite stores for Lucca, so here they are! This is late due to Lucca’s (& my) lack of sleep )-: I love to shop small & promote moms doing it all! They’re all so talented, & make the most beautiful things!

  1. For affordable, most convenient & cutest printed onesies- my favorite is Bonds—> Zipper Onesies They also have zippers, which is SO SO SOOOO important. I will never understand the buttons. You get any two for $39   
  2. As much as I love Bonds, money & buttons aside, my favorite onesies & comfy/cute clothing for Lucca is Kickeepants. He lives in these. The fabric is made so wonderfully & I love that I know Lucca is comfy in them. The buttons can be annoying but it’s worth it. Lots of cute colors & patterns too. —> Kickeepants     
  3. For stylish “cool” outfits I love nununu —> NUNUNU I try to wait for sales to get stuff from here because they can be pricey, the quality is amazing though & I plan to have all my children in Lucca’s hand me downs because they are still in great shape after a lot of use (: They actually have a 30% of end of season sale now!    NuNUNu pjs nununh hat   Nununu zip up onesie jacket pjs
  4. Mouse_in_a_house – adorable clothing (pricey but great quality) has the most adorable mouse ear apparel.. Mouse In A House   grey mouse hoodie   black hoodie
  5. Children of the tribe- love how different & fun their clothing is.. reminds me of what children dress like in Australia… really cute, unique stuff. Also, try to wait for sale for this one too. —> Children Of the Tribe    
  6. Kids Fashion Republic  <— Online store with tons of different brands I love.
  7. Hipkin Kids <— Another online store with great stuff.
  8. Hats I love- Beanies—>Beau Hudson (I love that I can get John & Lucca matching ones)  hat & cardigan are from beau Hudson, pants are kickeepants.  Fedora & cute trucker hats—> Born To Love Clothing   
  9. I love The Gap, Zara Kids, & h&m kids. All adorable & super cute/fun clothing!
  10. Sapling Child This store was one of my favorites when Lucca was a newborn. I love their neutral colors and bottoms with heart butts. Simple but adorable clothing.
  11. Rags to Raches LOVE their rompers. Super fun & cute & comfortable. These are so easy to get on & off when you first have your baby. I loved putting Lucca in his rompers during the summer.  
  12. Cute t-shirt shops I love—>Sweetees (tons of people emailed about Lucca’s “Jesus Is My Rock, & that’s how I roll” t-shirt, I got it here!)   —> Paper Doll Clothing (this shop is my favorite for holiday t-shirts. I love going all out for Lucca’s outfits & making them special for the holidays. I am only dressing him for a small amount of time & I have so much fun doing it (:   —> Aquiverfull_Shop (Faith Based Apparel, love all their cute shirts)   —> Root Avenue cute shirts & onesies with little sayings & pictures.    —> Sly Fox Threads (this is definitely a favorite, I love their shirts for John & I too, we have a bunch of matching family t-shirts, lol) 
  13. My favorite Etsy shop for cute patterned pants—> The Lavish Leo (Lucca’s cute coffee comfy sweat pants)  

Ok, I have about 20 more so I’m going to have to do a Part 2 to this. I’m sorry this is so late for everyone who has asked! I will do Part 2 hopefully tomorrow! XO


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